Shadertoy to PlayCanvas: Sirenian Dawn

  • What is Shadertoy?
  • How to transfer a Shadertoy shader to PlayCanvas?
  • Why transfer Shadertoy shaders to PlayCanvas?

This tutorial aims to introduce a series of shader effects and how to transfer them for use in PlayCanvas. If you find this useful, educational or just cool, support us on Patreon to speed everything up!

Texture masks using a shader

  • How do shaders work in PlayCanvas?
  • Why use a shader to mask a texture?
  • How to use a mask in a shader?
  • How to animate a texture?
  • How to change the shader parameters in real time?

In this tutorial we will learn how to use shaders to mask and animate textures in real time. Shaders are a powerful feature that allow low level access of the rendering pipeline. Knowledge of writing shaders to program the output of the GPU allows the developer to easily extend a graphics engine.