Escaping Earth, 3D space platformer - prototype

This is a prototype for a 3D space platformer game that is in the design phase. You can play it here:

Escaping Earth

We were able to develop this in a matter of days. Some features:

  • p2.js is used for physics, planets create gravity fields that push objects that enter it, into orbit.
  • solar system is an accurate representation of the real one, using the orbital elements from NASA. Planets were scaled up to help with game play.
  • additional star systems can be added easily from the editor, just by inserting new (real or imaginary) orbital elements.
  • orbits and gravity fields are rendered using "lines" to help the player navigate around.
  • Touch controls are partially implemented, for the moment only to navigate around with the top down camera.

This isn't an easy game, nor does it make much "sense" right now! But we are loving how easily it turns out to prototype in PlayCanvas.

Stay tuned for feature updates. Thanks for playing!

--- Pirron 1 Games


Escaping EarthEscaping EarthEscaping EarthEscaping Earth


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