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Leonidas Maliokas

Software Engineer

About Me

My name is Leonidas Maliokas. I am a full-time freelance software engineer who specializes in 3D live rendering in modern web applications.

I have been in the field for nearly 13 years, having worked on a variety of unique and innovative projects. Which I loved building and watching them fly.

I usually work as a ...

  • blogger and teacher, helping my favorite tools and communities expand.
  • entrepreneur, project manager and world traveller.
  • civil enginner and last but not least software developer, for which you can contract me!


Pirron 1

CEO and Founder

Software Engineering company founded to provide specialised 3D applications and web services. The company excels in 3D live rendering, services automation and artifical intelligence.


CEO and Co-Founder

Web design and advertising firm that I co-founded with my freelancing works. It grew to a small sized company on its peak providing advertising and branding services, website and mobile apps development.

VM and Associates LTD

Project Manager

I worked as project manager and head of engineering on a private engineering consulting company. Project coordination, engineering works, R&D in improving infrastractures and software as well as client communication and on-site consulting around Europe.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Oct 2004 - July 2010

Master of Civil Engineering

Hydraulics Engineering and Environmental Protection.



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