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Leonidas Maliokas

Software Engineer

About Me

My name is Leonidas Maliokas. I am a full-time freelance software engineer who specializes in 3D live rendering in modern web applications.

I have been in the field for nearly 13 years, having worked on a variety of unique and innovative projects. Which I loved building and watching them fly.

I usually work as a ...

  • blogger and teacher, helping my favorite tools and communities expand.
  • entrepreneur, project manager and world traveller.
  • civil enginner and last but not least software developer, for which you can contract me!



3D Art Gallery

A 3D reproduction of a the Lenox gallery, 19th century art gallery, that can be embedded into a regular webpage and interact with its content.

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Tiled Terrain Manager

An open source framework that provides an easy way to create massive terrains from heightmaps, in PlayCanvas. It provides the ability to texture them using splatmaps and distribute objects like trees and rocks on them. Together with a visibility manager to improve performance.

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Real Estate Visualization

An automated WebGL webplayer that can render a scanned representation of a physical property.

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3D Company Portfolio

A 3D company portfolio featuring a globe map that is populated on the fly from a Drupal CMS.

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ShaderToy to PlayCanvas

Advanced shader effects using GLSL rendered in PlayCanvas. Integration guides and usage tutorials.

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Earth Wiki

An integration of the Wikipedia API with WebGL/PlayCanvas. Application delivers a platform which enables the user to search for Wikipedia articles based on location.

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Unity to PlayCanvas

A Unity game converted to run in PlayCanvas and enjoy all the benefits of a pure HTML5/WebGL experience.

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Advanced PlayCanvas UI

An Angular/Ionic to PlayCanvas integration. Using the Ionic Framework PlayCanvas applications can deliver a great mobile-friendly UX with a minimal effort.

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Pirron 1

CEO and Co-Founder

Software Engineering company founded to provide specialised 3D applications and web services. The company excels in 3D live rendering, services automation and artifical intelligence.


CEO and Co-Founder

Web design and advertising firm that I co-founded with my freelancing works. It grew to a small sized company on its peak providing advertising and branding services, website and mobile apps development.

VM and Associates LTD

Project Manager

I worked as project manager and head of engineering on a private engineering consulting company. Project coordination, engineering works, R&D in improving infrastractures and software as well as client communication and on-site consulting around Europe.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Oct 2004 - July 2010

Master of Civil Engineering

Hydraulics Engineering and Environmental Protection.


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